CARETS Commercial Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage you to watch the Videos for demonstrations on Searching, Add/Edit Listings and other system tools. In addition, please view the training manual which will walk you through system functions.

System Enhancements:

InvestitLite Tool:
Investit Lite financial investment analysis and cash flow projection software allows you to quickly analyze and value simple investments, such as apartment properties, small office and industrial buildings, and more.
InvestIt Flyer
InvestIt Lite Tutorial Video

Reverse Prospecting Tool:
Allows Agents to view members who have created a Hot Sheet matching their listing criteria and who have authorized Reverse Prospecting.
Reverse Prospecting User Guide

Fast FLYER for your listings:
Go to Manage My Listings, Edit Active Sale/Lease, click Edit Listing button, click Manage Media link, under PDF/Flyers click the Fast Flyer link "Add New Fast Flyer."
fastFlyer Brochure & fastFlyer User Guide

National Haves and Wants:
The National Haves and Wants Email Notification System provides members the ability to search and broadcast to a robust and powerful network of commercial brokers around the Unites States. National Haves and Wants User Manual

What is a Property Centric System?
A property-centric MLS means that the database that underlies your MLS system is structured and patterned upon an inventory of all the commercial parcels and buildings in your region. A property-centric system contains two records, excluding Bus Ops, for each listing: listing record and property/bldg record.

How Do I Update My Profile
Sign in with your username and password. Click on the My Profile link at the top right menu. Add your photo. Add your Bio/Resume information. Add your personal website address. Check your Complimentary Website. Check off your specialties. Don't forget to click Update Profile to save your changes.

How Do I Display my Company Branding?
The designated Office Admin will upload your company logo and it will display on your roster, listing reports and flyers. If an Office Admin has not been designated, please contact your MLS Admin for assistance.

How Do I Search For Listings? Video Available
Under the Search Listings Tab you will find several search options. You can search by Map or Text Based Search.

Map Search
Use Zoom Maps to drill down into the area you want to search. Add Search criteria in the boxes to the right. Use the Polygon tool to narrow down your results. Click View Results to see more detailed information on the listings. Select the properties you want to print and click Print Selected Listings to see available reports for printing.

Text Search
Enter your search criteria and click the Display Count Button to run the search. Continue to narrow results by adding/changing search criteria. Click Continue to view your search results.

Quick Tip:
If you want to do a quick search to see new listings for the past week you can search by Search New for Lease or New For Sale.

Can I Save My Searches?
Yes. After you have entered your search criteria you have the option to save your search for future use. You will be prompted to give your search a Description and then you can find your Saved Searches under Search Listings - View Saved Searches.

Can I eMail listings to a client?
Yes. Each listing in the Summary Results Page is equipped with a small check box. These can be used to email selected listings to a client. Simply select the listings you would like to e mail and then make sure you select the "email" radio button at the top of the page. Then click Generate Reports to the right of the radio button. Next, either select the client from the email drop down box or enter the client's email address in the Send To box. Select the items you would like to include, type your message and click Send Email.

What is a Hotsheet?
Hotsheet enables you to create personalized searches that will automatically email you notices when new listings hit the market that are within your defined parameters. You choose the time of day for delivery.

What is Custom Download?
Use this page to download data for the search you just performed to a spreadsheet format. You can select which fields you'd like to save to a spreadsheet and then save that list of fields for future use. Note that saving your custom download does NOT save the listings you just searched on. It only saves which fields you'd like to view for future custom downloads.

What is the Building Directory?
Within your new Property Centric system you will be able to search by building name or building address. As history is collected on buildings in your market place this directory will grow.

Quick Tip: If you want to quickly see History or Available Space in a building - try searching the building directory.

Can I save listings?
Yes. After searching you have the option to save your listings to a folder. You will be able to find your Saved Listings by clicking on Manage My Listings - View Saved Listings.

Quick Tip: Use the Save Listings feature to keep track off all the listings you have sent to a client.

Why can't I change my phone numbers?
The MLS Admin manages all changes to phone numbers and office address.

How do I add/edit my listings? Video Available
If GIS Tools/Parcel Locator is available you can use the GIS tools to search for your property and add the listing information. Using GIS Tools/Parcel Locator, search for your property by address or by zooming in with the map. To the right of the map, click Add Sale Listing or Add Lease Listing to enter the listing information.

If detailed information has already been stored for the property record you will not have to enter the property information.

If there has not been detailed information stored on the property record you will have to enter the property information first followed by the listing information.

NOTE: See adding a listing if there is no GIS/Parcel Locator Tool available below.

How do I add a listing if there are no GIS/Parcel Locator Tools available? Video Available

Current Properties
If you have an existing listing for a building or a property, you may add a new listing or asset class for that property from your Active Listings list - Click Manage My Listings

Improved Property
Click on Manage My Listings and then click Add Sale/Lease. Search the Directory for the property you will be marketing. If the property exists in the Directory - select the property and "Use the property selected above to auto-fill my listing data". If the property does NOT exist in the Directory select "I can't find my property in the directory and wish to add a new property".

Select either Land for Sale or Land for Lease and enter the property information first. Second, enter your listing information.

Information should be deemed reliable but not guaranteed, all representations are approximate, and individual verification is recommended.